About me

Beatriz Carramolino is an instructional designer. Currently, she is designing the curriculum and content and creating educational resources for an Online Master in Education Course on “Educational Institutions Management” for Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia.

Beatriz Carramolino holds a Ph.D. in Education from the University of Valladolid (Spain). She is passionate about improving educational technology services tailoring them to their final users’ preferences. On her Ph.D. she researched users’ needs and best practices of services to sharing and reusing digital content and conceptualized a portal through a multimethod research approach. She performed User Experience research, designed and gathered information through qualitative and quantitative research instruments and methods and integrated both types of evidence supporting the design of her research.

She enjoys meeting new people from different backgrounds and cultures for creating original products. She has participated in three Hackathons, winning prizes in two of them:

Beatriz pairs her work with community involvement supporting disadvantaged communities through educational and instructional technology support. In Boston (MA) she volunteers at ECUSA leading an intercultural educational program. She has received two social responsibility awards (1 and 2).


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