In 2013 our research team from the University of Valladolid organized the XXI University Conference on Educational Technology titled: “Inno-research challenges in Educational Technology: Orchestrating communities, ubiquity, time and space.” I designed and led a workshop on Ed. Tech research, aiming to connect Ed. Tech research groups and promote future collaborations.

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In 2013 I taught in a pre-service teachers’ course on “Educational Technology.” My students created some content, and I shared their works in a blog so that resources could be accessible by anyone and they could easily find the material created by their colleagues.


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In 2012/2013 I contributed in managing the transformation of a Romany population school into a “Learning Community.” As a part of this process, I volunteered in a K-4 course integrating dialogical methodologies (interactive groups) with technology. This blog acts as a repository for gathering educational resources for K-12 mainly for the “language” and “maths” subjects.

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