I have experience using three different LMS: Moodle, Blackboard, and Brightspace.

Recently, I used Blackboard within a competency-based online Master’s course on Educational Management in the Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia. I trained 7 Health Science (odontologists and surgeons) assistant professors following “MICEA (a team-learning centered interdisciplinary educational methodology). This platform allowed me managing and continuously tailoring the course materials to the students’ needs. Furthermore, it helped me managing and tracking students’ activity for providing them better assessment experience and improving their learning performance. Additionally, I established with them continuous communication via Blackboard’ synchronous and asynchronous tools (e.g., holding weekly online training sessions through the synchronous “Collaborate” tool). Watch this video where I share 7 tips of how I managed and trained in this course using Blackboard and Collaborate.

I managed the Moodle VLE platform for teaching pre-service teachers.  Some projects from my research group GSIC-EMIC  and some of its doctoral researchers investigated and developed tools for improving the assessment, learning activity tracking, and management of groups and activities within CSCL scenarios in VLEs: e.g. (GLUE!), (GLUE!-PS). As a teacher-educator I had the opportunity for designing, deploying, implementing and evaluating these tools within my courses, performing better CSCL task and learning management and being aware of the engagement of my students in the course.

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