I do believe that teachers who collaboratively perform better in their classrooms, provide higher quality resources and have more confidence in their teaching role and practices.

Hence, in my teacher educator role, I encourage teachers and pre-service teachers to work through CSCL scenarios. Wikis are live and flexible spaces that allow collaboration and co-responsibility. I also advocate for OER. Regarding these reasons, I managed the following wikis where students had to publicly share their assigned topics/tasks by sharing their created digital educational resources.

1. Wikispaces from the “pre-primary” pre-service teachers course: Tutoring and Mentoring for students and families, where students were taught to use and create spaces with this tool and publish digital content with educational metadata.

Screenshot 2016-03-28 02.23.08.png
Wikispaces created for a pre-Primary course

2. ICT course for pre-service Teacher educators where they are taught the basic wiki editions through the learning of ICTs in education. Students learn how to use ICTs with pedagogical and critical sense in the classroom. This course relied on collaborative and cooperative work methodologies.

Screenshot 2016-03-28 03.26.26.png
ICT for pre-Primary and Primary pre-service teachers

3. Wikispaces of the pre-service M. Ed. in Educational Psychology course “Intervention Programs for Students with Special Needs.” This space gathered useful resources for following the course. Furthermore, students populated this wiki sharing there the artifacts they designed for accomplishing the course activities. This practice aimed to show the importance and value of creating and sharing content within a”professional” network.