These videos exemplify content creation skills using different multimedia software and tools (e.g., Powtoon, Camtasia, and iMovie).

Educational Management Master’s course

This audiovisual shows a lesson unit presentation on Learning Communities, a communicational management model methodology that brings voice to the community and improves communication, relationships, community engagement in students education, and students performance. I created this video for the Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia.

Copyright: Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia

ICTs for Education pre-service teacher course: Curriculum

This vidScreenshot 2016-06-28 17.12.09eo shows part of the curriculum of a pre-service teachers’ Higher Education “Educational Technology” course. We exemplary some of the pedagogical strategies and philosophies of the course: active and collaborative methodologies employed, educational objectives that lead our practice, the formative and summative evaluation carried out, and the motivation provoked in students.

This material illustrates two teaching and learning samples: a) the first one depicts the use of the Wiki with a pedagogical sense; the second one, the implementation of a computer supported collaborative learning strategy through a JigSaw technique. There is a Click on the picture.

ICTs for Education pre-service teacher course: Self-Technography

Screenshot 2016-06-28 17.29.21.pngThis video shows a Self-technography, an ethnography about the influence of technology in students’ lives along their lifetime. This video shows the pedagogy that supports this practice through samples of a video created by a pre-primary teacher grade student.

Students were required to create a presentation using video or visual media reflecting on how technology had influenced the society, the education, and their personal lives. The rubric I created for evaluating this activity considered content quality, the creativity, and the quality of use of the media.